Serving legal documents is a profitable life enhancing skill. You assist the Civil Legal Sector by acting as an agent of the courts - ensuring dates and directives are brought speedily and efficiently to the public's attention.

Typically, you work for solicitors and commercial enterprises, don't be surprised if you receive instructions from local councils, government departments and occasionally from foreign courts.

If you send or receive instructions to serve documents to / from another agency, a (pre agreed) "Inter agency" rate applies that is less than your usual commercial rate.

The types of documents you will be asked to serve range from letters which can be posted through the letterbox of a property, displaying an application for a change of planning up to complicated legal proceedings that need to be personally served.

Find advice and templates to complete your statements and certificates of service such as: Order to Attend court for questioning / Suspended committal orders, Claim Forms, Statutory Demands on businesses, companies and individuals. Bankruptcy and Winding up Petitions as well as Family and Children Act serves.

Sample letters of instructions and sample reports and invoices will assist you in reporting in an accurate and timely fashion.

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